Emma Jones Yoga Studio

My classes offer mindful movement, breathing practices and meditation and are delivered in a balanced way that provides clear guidance but also allows freedom to practice in a way that works for you. I believe that yoga should be a sustainable practice which can be used on a daily basis to support our overall health and well-being so I share all that I continue to learn in a way that encourages a personal exploration to find what works best for you.

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The studio content is categorised as 'move', 'breathe' or 'rest' with either the theme or a short description of the practice to help you find what will best fit your intention or requirement.


Lovely class tonight Emma, gave me a much needed lift of spirits, I am writing down 3 things to be grateful for every day to remain positive and you and being a part of your yoga community was one of them today. Thank you.

Such a wonderful sense of peace and calm in our house tonight following your meditation class. Thank you Emma, lots of love.

Thank you for all you are you doing to keep yoga going for us, I really appreciate it.
Such a stressful time for all, thank goodness for your yoga classes.