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Save this space if you want to explore Yoga in all it’s dimensions from the beginning, so you find strength and flexibility in all areas of your life. Here, you will find videos and tutorials where you can discover many aspects of yoga based on the Sivananda Yoga system. Learn the basics of Physical practice/ Asanas through 7 different entire classes ( over 5 hours) as well as tutorials to ensure you practice safely at home. It includes tutorials on proper breathing, proper relaxation, proper eating and positive thinking and meditation. So, if you want to rediscover Yoga, this is the space for you!

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Yoga for total beginners or students trying to find out how they can use Yoga to improve their overall sense of well-being. They are self motivated and wishing to improve their physical, mental and emotional health.


‘I was lucky enough to practice yoga with Constanza for a year or more while we were living in the same city (in China). An amazing Yoga instructor and a beautiful soul. so much passion for Yoga and life. I hope our paths will cross again and I hope I have my Yoga mat with me.’ ( J.L)

‘How lucky I have been to come across such an inspiring and devoted Yoga teacher. I recommend anyone to try her Yoga classes. They are blissfully phenomenal’. (G.C.)

‘After six months of practicing Yoga with Constanza as my teacher, my lower back pain disappeared. That’s why I initially started taking classes with her. However, the benefits went beyond the physical wellness. My mood, my self awareness, and much more improved drastically. I will highly recommend her either if you are a beginner like me or you are an advanced Yoga practitioner.’ (A.M)